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Jesus Comforts is a prophetic ministry birthed in much prayer, intercession and service to people from all walks of life. Brother Joey is called by the Lord to preach the truth of the gospel through prophetic means.

The Lord spoke to Brother Jonathan Samuel(Joey) as he was about to commit suicide, telling him that he was chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ to be His servant, the Lord commanded him to abandon all of his worldly ambitions, passions and wishes and to follow him, a call that Brother Jonathan, who is affectionately called as Joey obeyed. Brother Joey encountered the Lord in His mysterious glory, power and presence, the Lord asked him to preach His glorious gospel and truth, and also to reach out to the broken, the afflicted and the suffering with news of His truth. It was the first time that Brother Joey heard his Lord speak, it was a mighty encounter as he found himself delivered from years of demonic oppression, freed from the chains of suicidal tendencies, depression, anxiety, inner torment and anguish.. The Lord impressed Luke 4:18 on his heart and mind, telling Brother Joey that he was asked to reach the lost with the news of the Gospel.

After 3 years the Lord once again spoke to Brother Joey through Ezekiel 22:30 asking him to be His watchman, the Lord asked Brother Joey to intercede for the Nation of India, and for all the nations of the world, a call that Brother Joey once again joyfully agreed to, seeing it as a great privilege to serve the Lord, it was during the early portion of year 5 that the Lord revealed to Brother Joey that he was called to be His prophet, ever since then the Lord has performed mighty signs, wonders and miracles affirming that call.

Over the next five years, the Lord led him through many experiences, trials, oppositions, hardships, adversities and tribulations that shaped the instrument design that the Lord had intended for him. Brother Joey has served in numerous capacities for the Lord, he has served as a volunteer for World Vision working in the slums of Chennai, he has shared the gospel in different parts of chennai by acting as a missionary, he worked as the Human resource manager for a Christian channel that he was led to by the Lord to build from scratch, the Lord asked him to build up the ministry of that Tv channel, to provide spiritual care for the management, to root the philosophies of the young television company in the Bible and to mentor the young kids who were called to serve the Lord in that organization, the Lord has led him to work amongst the youth of vellore, the Lord led him to start numerous fellowships, Bible studies and prayer groups.

Brother Joey is a sought after speaker at youth camps, church and school programs in Vellore. He has two active shows on I Am Channel

  • Prayer time with Joey
  • On Target

His viewership comprises all cross-sections of the population ranging from unemployed youth to graduates, paramedics, engineering and medical students living in Vellore. He is simple and straightforward

Joey, as he is known to his family & friends, says that the Lord Jesus gave him the kind of peace that he had never experienced before. Therefore, from that time onwards he had been reaching out young people who are into drugs, depression and counselling them and helping them to attain the peace he had experienced. Joey has completed his Master's degree in Psychology and has PG diploma in Journalism.

His father a spiritually gifted person known for his Secular Liberal Intellectual views, advises Corporates on Industrial Relations having his own Consulting firm in Chennai. His mother works as Head HR of a reputed Health Organisation. Both of them agreed to support Joey in his Ministerial Calling when he surprised them that he was not going to seek a corporate job.

Philosophy of the Ministry

Outreach Initiatives

It is important as a Disciple of the Lord Jesus to reach those who have not heard the gospel. Brother Joey reaches the youth mainly through striking casual conversations, by inviting them for prayer and fellowships or meetings arranged by his ministry. The Lord has been good to him, The Lord has blessed him by bringing many lost souls to the Kingdom of Heaven, many have come to know the Lord personally, have received the gift of eternal life and live a life that glorifies the Lord Jesus.

Brother Joey also runs an active counseling ministry that targets those suffering from what the Lord revealed to him in the verse Luke 4:18, from alcoholics and unemployed youngsters to young doctors and engineers, the Lord uses Brother Joey to reach a variety of people groups.

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The concept of Eagle is from the Revelations 4:7-9: the fourth living creature [was] like a flying eagle.

8 And the four living creatures, individually having six wings, were full of eyes all over and within [underneath their wings]; and day and night they never stop saying, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty (Omnipotent), Who was and Who is and Who is to come.

9 And whenever the living creatures offer glory and honour and thanksgiving to Him Who sits on the throne, Who lives forever and ever (through the eternities of the eternities),

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